Sunday, August 23, 2009

Don't faint, okay? I'm going to post.

As you can see, first day of school for older one has come and gone. She hasn't been very vocal about first grade, yet. She used to tell me all kinds of things that happened in kindergarten. I've had lots of questions and not many answers.

Lottie starts the 8th. Baby's due the 10th.

Today is a good day and I just wanted to say so. We've been hanging out cleaning/playing/mowing, and no one has been fighting. We're going to the arcade later and the girls are actually waiting until we get some things done without whining and begging to go! Such a shocker.

I'm feeling positive about the impending birth and baby. Amazing what a somewhat picked-up house will do for your mood.

Tomorrow cleaning lady is coming to do kitchen and bathroom. I'm SOOOOOOO excited! I decided to get a little help in that area for a while before/after new baby. Can't wait!

Hope all is well out there!