Wednesday, December 10, 2008


2008_1209Image0007 Didn't have breakfast at home, but nibbled on a little of this while having coffee at Leah's. Look closely and you'll notice the wee baby napping on a blanket.

2008_1209Image0008 Lunch was leftovers

2008_1209Image0009 Lottie and I went to Target, where I would ordinarily get the largest candy bar available and a diet coke. I compromised on less than an ounce of dark chocolate. Before I ate this I had an orange and some almonds, which I totally forgot to photograph because I was starving!

2008_1209Image0010 Had this while dinner was cooking - hummus and carrots

2008_1209Image0011 Dinner was salad and some cheesy tortellini. No dessert because the tortellini was way too fatty. It was from the freezer and it was on sale and I had a coupon. Won't be getting it again.

By the way, my friend Tattooed Mama is going to do a 30-day Challenge with me no fast food.

Also, when I begin whinging about missing the bad stuff, your encouraging comments are welcome.


TattooedMama said...

So what are the rest of your family eating when you are having yummy split pea soup for dinner? I could eat like this for almost every meal, but my kids will not... =(

Natalie O. said...

My husband eats what I eat, but the girls usually have some sort of macaroni or something that passes as a main dish (sometimes it's even toast with peanut butter if that's what they'll eat) along with frozen vegetables. Eh.

Mia said...

Looks like your doing a great job!though I'm worried that you haven't eaten for 5 days ;)