Thursday, October 30, 2008

My first FO

Well, not my first ever, but my first here.

Let me just say now that I confess to being a TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE photographer. Don't read for the artful photography, all you'll get from me is the old bathroom photo shoot.

So, I think it turned out really good. Could have been a little more slouchy, if I'd knit a bit more into it and shaped with blocking, it could have been. But really the picture in the book and other projects on Ravelry look fairly round, so that's really just the pattern.

Now I just have to wear it. I feel a tad self-conscious in hats, even though I've always liked how I look in them. Something to work on, I guess.
I'll be back after Beggar's Night tonight with pictures of my little pumpkins.


~M said...

I LOVE it. :) Color me jealous. I'm still in the early stages of knowing how to knit. . .

Webbies said...

I love it....makes me want to knit a nice hat for myself :)